June 03, 2012

this morning i was still in bed and listened to the rain ticking on the window and sometimes i feel like there is so much mental pressure and all i want to do is go out and live a free live and travel the world but i'm stuck here in a place where i love so many people but also loath quite a few and i want to live somewhere where those people aren't there and do you ever feel so incredibly small, where you just see yourself sitting/laying/standing and you zoom out into the universe and are you also afraid that you are wasting your life away and what about dying and leaving nothing behind, leaving the world and some people might remember you but aren't julius caesar, no one's going to talk about you 2000 years after you died and i'm not saying i want to be remembered for so long but i would like to change something for the better i want my life to have a meaning and it's so confusing because i don't know how.
 Lose You by Pete Yorn