January 27, 2014

everything that we had has now been replaced by other people. that’s just how it goes, isn’t it? when i longed for it the most, when i needed you you were there even though you didn't even know i needed your attention. last time i saw you the only sign of recognition was a wave (you) and a smiling nod (me). i feel your stare across the room, i feel it when we’re a feet a part but i can’t lift my eyes and look back. i know you saw me stumble when this guy almost walked into me and i know you must have smiled, and i smiled at the thought of you laughing.

you share your passions with others now and others share theirs with me (but i can't help but wish it's you again). i fear the day that nods and waves become fast glances as if we are strangers and i am angry at myself because i really don't have the guts to tell you this, but i also know that it never meant as much to you as it meant to me.