August 17, 2015

After 6 days of long hikes through the French Alps we got drunk on wine and Genepi in a small bar in town, the only one still open at that time of night. We played a game of "Who will be... ?" while pointing at each other. "Who will grow old most beautiful?" is when you pointed at me and I know it wasn't only the drinks that made my cheeks glow.

August 06, 2015

the more distance there is between us, the more i realise that not even you are perfect. your boyish attitude, which i thought was adorable and funny at first, now seems immature and degrading. maybe all the butterflies i felt were not all butterflies but also little warnings of things that did not feel right. i do hope i feel the way i did about you again for someone else, but without the fear and unease. i am glad to say that letting you go is becoming a little easier every day, although it took so long to get here. it truly is very hard to let go of someone it that person is still in your life.