November 29, 2015

Over the last year I have taken less and less pictures of myself. I used to take not only selfies, but also "self portraits" where I tried to be a bit creative. I realized this over the weekend and started wondering why this is so. I would say that I've become more aware of my appearance, as in, I have started to see more of my flaws. But I actually think the opposite might be true, I'm less self aware, since I have increasingly been wondering whether others find me beautiful and if they see my flaws as well. I used to care less about this but since I'm almost 20 and have never been in a relationship, I have started worrying more about this. I guess I had a lot of expectations when I was a bit younger and not many of those have come true. I am now trying to ind a way to care less again because I feel really unhappy about it. I look in the mirror multiple times a day and wonder about this, which is to be honest, a waste of time.

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